Real Estate Law

Marbella real estate lawyers

On the Costa del Sol, where real estate operations are frequent, the role of Real Estate Law is essential due to its legal and urban particularities.

Whether you are considering buying or selling a property, or need assistance in any other real estate related process, you can count on the legal advice of a lawyer specialising in Marbella real estate law. We are here to be your ally in all legal matters related to real estate in Marbella.


  • Advice on property and land purchase and sale contracts.
  • Real estate lease contracts. (Evictions, Rent claims, Precarious,
  • Purchase option contracts.)
  • Timeshare or timeshare use of real estate.
  • Easements.
  • Illegal occupation of homes due to usurpation of property.
  • Claim for construction defects.
  • Resolution of off-plan home purchase and sale contracts and claim for amounts.
  • Claims for non-compliance by the developer in the purchase of off-plan homes.
  • Advice on applications for licenses and urban planning contracts.

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Immigration Law

Immigration lawyers Marbella

Immigration Law is one of our most active areas, offering expert advice on legal procedures such as obtaining visas, residence authorization and Spanish nationality.

With extensive experience as immigration lawyers in Marbella, we provide legal assistance specialized in expediting procedures and avoiding errors in the process. Trust us for accurate and efficient guidance on immigration matters.


  • Residence Permits.
  • Processing to obtain the N.I.E.
  • Processing to obtain Nationality
  • Obtaining Visas (Golden Visa)
  • Obtaining a visa to travel abroad.


Civil law

Marbella civil law lawyers

Civil Law regulates relationships between people, which makes it a field of great importance in daily life situations.

In CPG LAWYERS, we advise you in everyday conflicts and provide you with assistance in various civil procedures before Courts and Tribunals in Marbella, with effective legal advice.


  • Drafting and review of all types of contracts
  • Contractual and extracontractual Civil Liability
  • Debt Claims and Non-Payments
  • Liability derived from traffic accidents
  • Second Chance Law
  • Evictions
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Commercial Law

Commercial lawyers Marbella

In this region of great economic traffic like the Costa del Sol, especially in Marbella, where businesses are established and consolidated daily, it is essential to have specialized legal advice on Commercial Law.

At CPG LAWYERS, we understand that business operations can be legally complex. Therefore, we recommend that you walk hand in hand with a lawyer specializing in commercial law in Marbella to avoid possible legal problems.


  • Constitution of societies.
  • Drafting of commercial contracts.
  • Claiming debts and non-payments.
  • Liquidation of companies. Bankruptcy of creditors
  • Responsibility of administrators.
  • Corporate crimes.
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Family and Inheritance Law

Marbella family lawyers

Legal advice in Marbella in the field of family law. Our focus on issues that directly impact family dynamics makes us your best option for a family lawyer in Marbella.

In CPG LAWYERS, we specialize in inheritance law, addressing crucial decisions that affect the future of family relationships. Our strategy focuses on prioritizing mediation between the parties, seeking to reach satisfactory, quick and economical agreements.

Family right

  • Divorce. (Mutual agreement or Contentious).
  • De facto couples.
  • Liquidation of the family economic regime and the community property.
  • Procedure on guardianship and custody of minors.
  • Paternity filiation actions.

Succession right

  • Processing of Inheritances (Acceptance or Renunciation)
  • Will drafting.
  • Legitimate Claim.
  • Succession in the Family Business.
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Banking Law

Marbella banking lawyers

Take back what’s yours right now with our FREE FEASIBILITY STUDY.

The lack of transparency of banking entities has led many consumers to pay more than what is legally required. With our Banking Law department, we have helped numerous clients recover their money through successful claims, backed by our free feasibility study.

In CPG LAWYERS, we have helped recover the money of countless clients who have been affected by abusive practices by banks in the marketing of products such as Mortgage Loans, Credit Cards, Shares and more.


  • Floor clause
  • IRPH claims.
  • Mortgage expenses clause.
  • Multicurrency Mortgages.
  • Tranquility Mortgages.
  • Mortgage Foreclosures.
  • Revolving Cards.
  • Banco Popular Shares.
  • Convertible Bonds.
  • Dation in payment of real estate to banking entities.
  • Claim for advance amounts due to off-plan purchases.
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Criminal law

Marbella criminal lawyers

Whatever the complexity of your criminal situation, in CPG Lawyers, we are prepared to offer solid solutions and committed representation.

We are criminal lawyers with extensive experience in the defense of individuals and legal entities involved in criminal proceedings. Trust us as your lawyers specialized in criminal law in Marbella.


  • Corporate crimes.
  • Money laundering.
  • Documentary falsification.
  • Crimes of gender violence.
  • Crime of non-payment of pensions, family abandonment and child abduction.
  • Economic property crimes (scam, fraud)
  • Crime of Robbery and Theft.
  • Crime of usurpation. (home occupation)
  • Alcohol and traffic crimes.
  • Crimes against public administration. (bribery, prevarication, urban planning)
  • Crimes against honor (slander and insult).
  • Crimes against sexual freedom (sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment)
  • Crimes against privacy: discovery and disclosure of secrets, breaking and entering.
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